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Company Overview

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About Us

Mosaic Investments

Mosaic Investments (“Mosaic”) is a fully integrated investment firm that specializes in acquiring and managing operating businesses and real estate.

Traditionally, we have concentrated on service-based businesses and are looking to make controlling investments in closely-held private companies with annual revenues in excess of $10 million. Mosaic takes a disciplined approach to identifying, acquiring, and managing its portfolio companies. We work directly with management throughout the life of the investment in order to implement and execute value maximization strategies.

We recognize that successful businesses take time to build. Our operators and investors do not impose artificial investment horizons on the companies in which we invest. Alternatively, we seek to grow businesses over the long-term. Our philosophy is to consider the capital structure and management strategy that best facilitates growth for our portfolio companies. We believe that this approach leads to healthy businesses poised for sustainable growth.

Target Acquisition Criteria:

  • $2-10MM in EBITDA
  • Family owned business
  • Multi-unit portfolios
  • Niche players within respective sector
  • Value/supply chain of growth industries

Industry and Sector Specialization:

  • Franchise Businesses
  • Restoration and Facilities services
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Clean and Renewable Energy
  • Transportation & Logistics

Transaction Types:

  • Growth Financing
  • Corporate Carve Out
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Management Buyout

Mosaic Real Estate Group

The Mosaic Real Estate Group is a full-service real estate investment firm that specializes in acquiring and managing commercial real estate throughout the Southeastern United States. Our real estate arm has experience with office, retail, and mixed use developments.

We have an entrepreneurial approach to creating value out of our properties and maximizing investment return for our investors. This multifaceted approach includes strategies at both the transaction and property levels.

Transaction Level:

  • Buy below replacement cost
  • Seek motivated sellers and off-market transactions
  • Utilize leverage prudently

Property Level:

  • Improve property, lease up vacancy, stabilize rent roll, reduce risk
  • Increase net operating income and cash flow
  • Transform to Core property
  • Sell stabilized asset at lower yield (higher multiple)